Services We Provide

We at Highrise Industries have three service centers in different regions of Peninsular Malaysia, situated in Klang, Penang and Johor, offering maintenance and repair services since year 2005. We offer saw blade sharpening and maintenance, as well as servicing of used saw blades, in all three service centers, which also serve as warehouses for our products at the same time. Our service center in Klang, which is also our headquarters, offers repair and maintenance services for all types of heavy machinery products, other than just circular saw machine and blades, which we distribute.

We take pride of our quality of services provided, which is made possible by a strong, experienced back up team of professional technicians and engineers, as well as making sure to have ample spare parts ready for any anticipated repairs. Customer service is dealt with utmost seriousness, accomplished by effective communication to respond to our clients with exacting precision. These efforts allow us to be capable of providing very quick response to servicing requests, which is by the very next day a request is taken.

Our repair and maintenance services are, more often than not, catered to our clients located in Malaysia, but we welcome servicing requests from any party as well. Our clients are mainly from the following industries: