Company Overview

Highrise Industries is a leading company in the distribution and repairs of tube bending and tube forming machines, as well as circular saw machines within Malaysia. We were initially established in year 1997, as the marketing and servicing arm of our parent company, a manufacturer of the said products, which is located in Taiwan and was established in 1982. We have since expanded to include a vast selection of heavy machinery units from various manufacturers for distribution.

Our line of heavy machinery products distributed here is imported from Taiwan and Italy, sourced from a selection of reputable manufacturers of tube bending, tube forming, and circular sawing machines, renowned across a variety of heavy industries, both locally and globally. The products we offer are mostly supplied to the domestic market.

The primary supplier of the said heavy machinery is Chiao Sheng Machinery (CSM), which provides a vast selection of tube bending and tube forming machines addressing specific needs of different industries. Other suppliers of our assortment of products include Ming HunQ, Sawsmart, Fong Ho, Eyan, Fives OTO, Julia and USM. Other than that, we also import a variety of circular saw blades for distinct purposes exclusively from Italy, and a variety of tooling for bending machines.