Auto Double-End Chamfering Machine For Pipe

  1. High-Strenght body, stable and firm structure. The body color of the device is sky blue.
  2. Storage tank : connect to the conveyor belt to feed, store 8-20 pcs of workpiece, and feed the parts to the feeding mechanism.
  3. Loading and unloading mechanism: when the workpiece is processed, feed to the processing position, and complete one feeding at the same time.
  4. The headstock is equipped with high-tech self-lubricating bearings, high precision and long service life.
  5. Cuter Head : Turning tools are installed on it , and the tools rotate with the cutter head. Each cutter head is equipped with 3 tools, namely an external tool, an internal tool and a face tool.
  6. The tool post and its positioning is the installation seat of the cutter head, including the rotating shaft and the sliding groove. When both ends of the workpiece are processed, there is a mechanical limit in the axial direction.
  7. Tool post guide rail : for the initial positioning and movement of the tool post axis to ensure the coaxiality of the rotation center and the workpiece center within the moving range.
  8. Rotation system : Provide power for the rotation of the cutter head, the speed can be customized according to the actual material , or adjusted by the frequency conversion mechanism.
  9. other : The equipment has automatic and manual operation functions.
  10. Electrical part : PLC electric control system, including counter, emergency stop button,single step operation button.
  11. Technical file part : Provide complete machine design drawing, complete machine electrical control and circuit diagram, quick mold change, design drawing, drawing of vulnerable part, operating instruction and maintenance instruction.